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At Native Landscape and Gardens, we believe that native plants and natural landscapes are essential for a healthy world and yard. We understand that these habitats are disappearing at an alarming rate, being replaced primarily by lawns and non-native plants.

Our mission is to reverse this trend and bring natural landscapes back to life through promoting sustainable and eco-friendly landscaping practices by creating natural landscapes that support local wildlife and biodiversity.

Lawns should serve a purpose and be designed around how you use your outdoor space. We will help you reduce unnecessary lawn areas and install an electric robot mower to reduce inputs, cutting area, and cost associated with caring for lawns.

We also understand the importance of removing invasive plants and replacing them with native species. Native plants are the foundation of biodiversity and wildlife. They create a sense of place and blend.

In addition to planting native plants, we create natural areas that require little input or care after establishment. These areas will support a host of beautiful wildlife and blend with the local landscape, creating a sense of natural beauty in your outdoor space.
We also recognize the importance of planting native trees, particularly legacy trees, that will stand for future generations.
We are committed to using sustainable and eco-friendly practices and will never apply chemical applications to your lawn and garden. Together, we can create a beautiful and thriving natural landscape that supports local wildlife and biodiversity.

We are passionately committed to safeguarding the native landscape for you, your children, and generations to come, fostering a world where the beauty of the environment and humanity harmoniously coexist.

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our team

Marc Wise

Conservation Enthusiast, Naturalist at heart – 17 yrs experience operating landscape companies.

Matt Papsidero

Plant Health Care Specialist, Garden Whisperer – 15 yrs experience in horticulture.

Doug Brown

Landscape Designer, Construction Specialist, Woody Plant Guru – 40 yrs experience Landscape Design and Construction

Our Story

After starting, operating, and eventually selling Greenwise, a sustainable/organic landscaping company based in the Chicago Area, Marc Wise decided to bring his talents back home to Cleveland, OH!
After 15 years of dedication, with over 20 trucks and 50 employees, Marc established Greenwise as a leader in the landscape field, pushing a stubborn industry to implement environmentally responsible practices to survive.

It turns out people don’t enjoy toxic chemicals being sprayed on their yards, loud equipment, and boring nonnative gardens. What he learned was that, given the option, people want their yards to not only be safe but to support the world around them.

Inherently, people care about their local environment and want to make the world a better place. The issue is there are not enough forward-thinking landscape experts supporting the demand.

Why Native

- The Landscape Dilemma


Native plants and natural landscapes are disappearing at an alarming rate and being replaced primarily by lawns and non-native plants. From 2001 to 2017, the United States lost a football field’s worth of natural area every 30 seconds, and if these trends continue, an analysis conducted by Conservation Science Partners published in 2019 determined that a South Dakota-sized expanse of natural places will disappear between now and 2050!

Our current landscape practices do not support a healthy world or yard. We treat our lawns and gardens with herbicides and pesticides, plant nonnative plants that have little value to local wildlife, and effectively clear our local landscapes of biodiversity. North America has lost close to 3 billion birds since the 1970s. These are not just rare or endangered birds; our familiar backyard birds like catbirds, dark-eyed juncos, and chickadees are disappearing too. Most of them are migratory birds who rely on home gardens and neighborhood green space for food and shelter along their flight path.

As this trend continues, not only do our natural plants continue to disappear, so do the lighting bugs that light up hot summer nights, the butterflies fluttering about the garden, the songbirds singing in the morning dew, the toads, the turtles, the tree frogs, the salamanders, and all that we have come to know as a part of what makes our world alive. The number of local wildlife species is directly linked to the number of native plants or natural habitats. Without a home, our local wildlife cannot survive. By planting native at home, we can reverse this trend and bring our natural landscapes back to life.

How to go Native:
A Step by Step Approach

Remove Unnecessary Lawn Areas

Reduce inputs, cutting area, and cost associated with caring for lawns. Create a functional lawn area with purpose. It should be designed around how you use your lawn. Then install an electric robot mower and do away with cutting your grass!

Weed Out Invasive Plants

Invasive plants can take over your landscape as well as our forests and natural areas. Consistently weed out and remove invasive species.

Plant Native Plants in your Maintained Garden Areas

Native plants are the host to native insects, which are the basis of biodiversity and wildlife. Without these native plants wildlife will not exist. They create a sense of place and blend with the local landscape. They also tend to require less maintenance.

Create Natural Areas

Natural areas require little input or care after establishment and will support a host of beautiful wildlife. They also blend with the local landscape and install a sense of natural beauty to your landscape.

Plant Native Trees or Legacy Trees

Native trees are imperative to our future and are disappearing from local neighborhoods at an alarming pace. Plant native legacy trees, like Oaks, that will stand for our future generations.

Go Natural

Stop applying chemical applications to your lawn and garden. They not only harm you, they harm everything around you. Maintain a low-maintenance lawn with durable/drought-tolerant grass type that can naturally outcompete weeds.

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