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Pruning and Shaping Landscape Services in Cleveland, OH

At Native Landscape and Gardens, we understand the importance of regular pruning and shaping in maintaining a healthy and attractive landscape. Our team of experts, led by industry leader Marc Wise, is trained to provide pruning and shaping services that are safe for your trees, shrubs, and other plants, as well as your family and the environment.

Regular pruning and shaping is essential to maintaining a healthy and attractive landscape. It helps to improve the structure and appearance of your plants, as well as promoting their healthy growth and reducing the risk of disease and pests.

Our team of experts will work with you to create a pruning and shaping schedule that meets your specific needs and ensures that your landscape is safe and healthy.

Expert Pruning and Shaping

Our pruning and shaping services include:


We will prune your trees and shrubs to remove dead or diseased wood, promote healthy growth, and maintain proper shape. We use industry-standard techniques and follow best practices to ensure that your plants are pruned correctly and safely.


We will shape your hedges and other plants to create a neat and tidy appearance. We will work with you to create a shape that meets your aesthetic goals and the needs of the plants.

Cabling and bracing

We will install support systems for trees that are at risk of failure due to structural defects.

Tree removal

We will remove dead, dying, or hazardous trees, as well as trees that have outgrown their space, to keep your landscape safe and healthy.


We will remove all debris from your landscape after pruning and shaping.

We are committed

to using sustainable and eco-friendly practices and will make sure to use the right tools and methods to perform the pruning and shaping on your landscape.

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