Spring and Fall Cleanup

Spring and Fall Cleanup - Landscape Services in Cleveland, OH

At Native Landscapes and Gardens, we understand the importance of maintaining your garden throughout the year. That’s why we offer spring and fall clean-up services to ensure that your garden is ready for the changing seasons.

Our spring and fall clean-up services are designed to keep your garden looking its best throughout the year and to ensure that your garden is ready for the changing seasons. Contact us today to schedule your spring and fall clean-up services.

Spring Clean Up

Our spring clean-up service includes removing debris from flower beds, lawns, and gardens. We clean up any dead leaves, twigs, and branches accumulated over the winter. We also remove any plants that have died over the winter and prepare the garden beds for new plants.

Fall Clean Up

The fall clean-up service includes raking and removing leaves, cutting back perennials, and removing any annuals that have finished blooming. We also remove any debris that has accumulated in the garden beds, lawns, and gardens during the fall.

Additional Clean Up Services

Additionally, we will also clean up any fallen fruits and berries, and remove any diseased plant material to prevent the spread of disease. We also ensure that any necessary tasks are done in time to protect your plants during the winter, such as putting in protection for roses, and other perennials, and covering any plants that need protection.